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Free and Open Source Thai Fonts

The main goal of this repository is to provide in one place a set of freely (and legally) available Thai computer fonts -- which provide useful examples of the diversity of Thai typefaces. While there are many different websites with fonts for download, some fonts are difficult to find, and many sites also have proprietary fonts which are not free, and their use violates intellectual property laws.

In addition, information about additional free-to-use fonts not hosted here is included, as well as information about standard proprietary Thai fonts, specifically those Thai fonts that come with Apple OSX and Microsoft Windows.

Contents of the Thai Font Collection

There are three categories of Thai fonts referenced here:

Overview of Thai Fonts in the Collection

Currently there are 318 font files in 98 font families in the Thai Font Collection. Not all font families include multiple variants, but many do. Font files are in TTF or OTF file format. We intend to update all open source and pubic domain font files to OTF which has greater compatibility with modern applications. 14 of the font families (46 individual font styles) are Webfonts available on Google Fonts, which makes using them on websites quite easy.

Additional Free-to-Use Thai Fonts and their Locations

We include information about 24 font families from 6 sources that are free-to-use. The fonts do not include distribution rights, and so they must be downloaded from their original source locations. All except for Rangsit University fonts are found on the excellent website. Listed are the designers/font foundries/copyright holders with links for download.

Samples of Additional Free Thai Font Families

Microsoft Windows Thai Fonts

Microsoft includes a variety of Thai Typefaces in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Licensing information is available on the Microsoft website. Microsoft fonts supporting Thai include:

  • Angsana New*, AngsanaUPC, Browallia New*, BrowalliaUPC, Cordia New*, CordiaUPC, DilleniaUPC, EucrosiaUPC, FreesiaUPC, IrisUPC, JasmineUPC, KodchiangUPC, Leelawadee, Leelawadee UI, LilyUPC, Microsoft Sans Serif, and Tahoma

*Note that several fonts have New versions. These are visually indistinguishable from the originals, though the New versions may have more glyphs or small modifications. It may be that the new versions have been produced because of some aspect of intellectual property from the old versions having expired, such as design patents. (Read more on the topic of fonts, copyright, patent, and trademark.)

These fonts come with the operating system and cannot be downloaded elsewhere.

Samples of Microsoft Windows Thai Font Families

Apple OSX Thai Fonts

Apple includes a variety of Thai Typefaces in OSX. Apple OSX fonts supporting Thai are:

  • Ayuthaya, Krungthep, Sathu, Silom, Thonburi, Sukhumvit

These fonts come with the operating system and cannot be downloaded elsewhere.

Samples of Apple OSX Thai Font Families

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