Newsletter for October, 2013

Message from the Founder

Greetings as we finish up the final month of the rainy season and begin the cool and dry season to come. In Thai, October is referred to as ปลายฝนต้นหนาว (blai fon dton naow, last rain, first cold), the last of the rainy season months and the first of the cold season months.

New Managing Director

Lanna Innovation is nearing its' fourth birthday this coming December 9th. This year we moved locations and also appointed a new Managing Director, Khun Pornpimon (Pun). She is getting adjusted in her new role and is helping improve our workflow and relations with vendors.

Phu Chi Fa

Upcoming Thai Holidays and Celebrations

There are several important holidays and celebrations in October 2013.

  • The Thailand Vegetarian Festival begins officially on Saturday, 5 October and lasts 9 days. (Some events begin a day or two before, and can continue a day after, depending on the temples and organizing committee involved.)
  • Wan Awk Pansa and Thod Kathin are on Saturday, 19 October and Sunday, 20 October. This is the end of the Buddhist Rains retreat and are major Buddhist holidays.
  • Chulalongkorn Day is on Wednesday, 23 October and while not widely celebrated it is an official holiday (with commensurate government office closing).

Online Sales for Thai Language Cards

The Thai Language and Thai Food Flash Cards are available online at the Lanna Innovation Online Store.

Have a fantastic October!

Doi Suthep Overlook

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