Gyms and Fitness in Chiang Mai

While living or traveling in Chiang Mai, it is easy to forget to remain active thanks to the city’s wide range of restaurants, bars and other entertainment options. Fortunately, there are quite a few choices available when it comes to getting a solid workout, whether the aim is to boost strength, endurance or flexibility.

Powerhouse Gym Fitness Center

Operating in Chiang Mai for over seven years, Powerhouse Gym is the only fitness center in the country operating under this popular US brand. Following its slogan, Fitness for Happiness, the gym boasts a pleasant workout environment and a team of qualified, English-speaking trainers. The center contains a full range of exercise equipment, cardio machines and free weights as well as onsite sauna room, stretching area and lockers. Powerhouse’s trainers also run group exercise sessions such as Power Kick, Power Weight, Cycling, Aerobic Dancing and Introductory Aerobics classes. Finally, the gym has free Wifi, complementary accident insurance and a store selling smoothie drinks, protein powder and gym apparel. It is found on Soi 6, Nimmanhemin Road in Punna Place. Rates are a bit more expensive than other gyms but this is reflected in the better quality facilities:

  • 13,500 Baht per year (exercise allowed anytime)
  • 9,500 Baht per year (exercise allowed from 9am to 3pm)
  • 400 Baht per day
  • 2,500 Baht for a 10-visit coupon

The staff at Powerhouse may also provide discounts to those who visit in person. Opening hours are 6am to 9pm on Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm on Saturday and 1pm to 8pm on Sunday. For more information, call 0-5340-0521, 0-5321-0987 and 0-5321-7157 or send an email to .

California WOW Xperience

Although California WOW Xperience has recently gone through financial difficulties, its Chiang Mai branch still remains open. This fitness center boasts a complete array of equipment including treadmills, exercise bikes, free weights and elliptical trainers. Members can also participate in a number of classes such as Group X (dance exercises), Wow Yoga and Pole Dancing. Those who prefer individual exercises can instead be supervised by their own personal trainer. This gym can be found on the 4th floor of Central Airport Plaza. It is open from 8am to 9pm on Monday to Friday and 9am to 9pm on the weekends. To find out their rates, it is necessary to visit in person and talk with a member of staff as they are not allowed to give prices over the phone. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 0-5399-9499.

Home Fitness

Home Fitness is found on the road behind the old Carrefour (now Big C) located on the Superhighway. This fitness center has a decent range of equipment and free weights. There is also a steam room. The gym can get crowded from 5pm to 7pm each day, so be prepared to wait for the machines if you arrive at this time. The rates here are as follows:

  • Daily: 70 Baht
  • Coupon: 450 Baht (10 visits within 20 days)
  • 1 month: 1,000 Baht
  • 2 months: 1,700 Baht
  • 3 months: 2,300 Baht
  • 6 months: 4,200 Baht
  • 1 year: 7,200 Baht

Home Fitness also offers discounted rates if two people sign up at the same time. Here, the price for each pair is 4,200 Baht for 3 months, 7,700 Baht for 6 months or 13,500 Baht per year. For more information, call 086-4112453 or 053-850728-9. There is no email as Home Fitness does not have a website.

Kawee Power Zone

Kawee Power Zone has been operating for over 6 years on the 3rd floor of Kad Suon Kaew Shopping Centre. The selection of exercise machines and free weights here is more than satisfactory, and includes treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. There are also lockers and a changing room onsite. At no extra cost, members can work with their own personal trainer if they wish. The Lotus Pang Suon Kaew Hotel’s swimming pool is also available with an entrance fee of 20 Baht. Kawee’s rates are very reasonable too:

  • Daily: 50 Baht
  • Coupon: 350 Baht (10 visits in 20 days)
  • 1 month: 800 Baht
  • 3 months: 1,699 Baht
  • 6 months: 2,999 Baht
  • 1 year: 4,999 Baht

There are also discounted rates if multiple people sign up at the same time. All prices listed below are per person.

No. of people3 months6 months1 year
21,500 Baht2,500 Baht4,500 Baht
31,500 Baht2,333 Baht4,166 Baht
51,500 Baht2,250 Baht4,000 Baht
101,500 Baht2,000 Baht3,500 Baht

For more information, tel. 084-1720888, 089-2639992, 083-1524989 or 089-2642299, email .

Pilates Plus Studio

Those who want something more personal should visit Pilates Plus Studio. Found on Soi 6, Nimmanhemin Road in Punna Place, this fitness center offers one-on-one training in yoga, Pilates and kickboxing. They have four trainers available, each with a lengthy background in sports and fitness. In the studio’s main Pilates room, visitors will find a range of equipment designed to develop strength, balance and flexibility. There are also treadmills and free weights available as well as onsite showers and lockers. Pilates Plus Studios is open from 10am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday. Those interested can book a free trial session by calling 053-400301 and 08-2468-385 or emailing

Hillside Fitness Center

Found on the 4th floor of the Hillside Plaza and Condotel on Huay Kaew Road, the Hillside Fitness Center is a small gym with great facilities. Visitors will find weights machines, treadmills, exercise bikes and cross-trainers. There are several classes available too, such as aerobics and yoga. Outside, there is also a large swimming pool which can be used for 50 Baht. The rates for the fitness center are competitive

  • Daily: 100 Baht
  • Monthly: 1,500 Baht
  • Yearly: 10,000 Baht

This gym is open from 9am to 10pm on Monday to Friday and from 10am to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call 053-225944 or 053-224241-9.

Fitness Thailand

What was once a good gym, Fitness Thailand can be found on Hasadisewee Road behind Computer Plaza. A range of exercise gear, including bicycles, dumbbells, cardio equipment, and weight machines. Their instructors teach a variety of classes, including aerobics, cycling, body combat, dance exercises, yoga and body balance. The biggest problem here is the extremely loud music, both inside the classrooms as well as on the floor. It is impossible not to damage hearing in the classes, and on the machines, a personal headset simply cannot compete with the obnoxious volume levels. Add to this the obnoxious behavior of the staff, and it is a true turn-off.

Membership fees are as follows:

Time PeriodAdult Price (23yrs and up)Student Price (below 23 yrs)
1 month1,200 Baht900 Baht
3 months3,300 Baht2,500 Baht
6 months6,000 Baht4,500 Baht
1 year7,500 Baht6,500 Baht

Seniors (those over 55 years old) get a discounted yearly rate of 7,000 Baht.

Members can also work with their own personal trainers at a fee of 500 Baht per session. Paying for 10 sessions beforehand will discount the rate to 4,000 Baht. In essence, this provides you with two free sessions. For more information on the gym's location, class schedules or facilities, please call 053-224260-2 or email

15 Responses to Gyms and Fitness in Chiang Mai

  1. Ron Parker 01-Feb-2013 at 13:49 pm #

    do I get time off for going to uk fora month each year?

    • admin 01-Feb-2013 at 13:54 pm #

      Most gyms will accommodate this, where you put the membership on hold while out of town. Just make clear from the start you need this (negotiate before you pay).

  2. MJ 10-Apr-2013 at 15:41 pm #

    Thank you for the comprehensive list of fitness options. Just some updates to your information as I have tried a few places. You definitely get what you pay for.

    Kawee Power Zone does have a satisfactory selection of machines and free weights; however, Almost all of the treadmills were out of service and the two in service were rated for 60 and 55 kgs max. The people were very friendly. Locker is included in the admission. They open when the mall opens at 10 am.

    Fitness Thailand definitely lives up to its description. The equipment is plentiful and in good working condition. Their prices are now 1500 baht for a month membership. They do allow a day pass for 200 baht.

    • JoelC 30-Jul-2013 at 10:13 am #

      KAWEE POWER ZONE: Horrible place, staff unfriendly and very unpolite: they do not say hello and do not even look at you. Degraded area, bin in the changing room are full of syringes for injections. No toilets inside. Free weights are not stored, carpets are dusty.

      • Jerome 02-Nov-2013 at 10:40 am #

        I totally agree with JoelC

    • Cossie 22-Jan-2014 at 09:12 am #

      Fitness Thailand, just checked as of Jan 2014 price now 1700bt/mth for 23yrs up.. its a common trend to up the price every year in fitness centres, although nothing too much to complain about compared to BKK Prices! I will check this one out today and report back 🙂

  3. Jony 19-Dec-2013 at 17:03 pm #

    There’s actually another gym in Chiang Mai that you missed. It’s called Harrison Fitness Center, and like Kawee Power Zone, it is also in Kad Suon Kaew. It’s a little hard to find though. It’s on the fourth floor, but to get to it, you have to use the elevator. On the first floor, all the way to the right at the end, there is a door to the outside. Once you leave you’ll see the elevators right next to the bathrooms. When you get to the fourth floor, the gym is all the way at the end of the room to the right. You won’t see it immediately because it’s around a corner, but it’s there.

    A daily pass is 200 baht, and a monthly pass is 1200 baht, though you have to pay an extra 100 baht for a membership card. They also have 3 month and 6 month memberships, but I can’t remember the rates for them.

    So far I’ve been to 4 gyms: Hillside 4 Fitness Center, Fitness Thailand, Kawee Power Zone, and Harrison Fitness Center. Harrison Fitness Center is defiitely the best, with Hillside 4 a close second. Hillside 4 is bigger and they do have a good selection of equipment, but Harrison Fitness Center has newer machines and it’s an incredibly well kept place. It’s very clean, it has a good selection of machines and free weights, and all of the plates have handles — which just makes things easier. I highly recommend it.

    Oh, and the Hillside Fitness Center is on the 1st floor now. I think it also may be in a bigger room now. It’s definitely a nice place as well.

  4. Cossie 22-Jan-2014 at 09:05 am #

    Plenty more gyms in Chiangmai not covered here. The one ive been to on and off over the years is at Centara Duangtawan hotel on Loi Lroh Rd near the Night Bazaar. Its a higher class of establishment with great staff on the floor and a good variety of facilities overall. The free weights room isn’t so big but I usually go mid afternoon its never too busy then, there is a nice pool immediately outside the workout room with full glass walls to outside, and its on the 4th floor so a bit of a view. They have a steam room and sauna, and large spa. I usually use the sauna (they have 2) which is in varying states of repair.. for an alleged high class hotel the maintenance is pretty poor. I was about to join again this week (Jan 2014) but the price has now gone up from 1,400 to 2,500 baht/mth.. with no obvious beneficial changes to the place at all. They also have various classes in separate rooms and spa treatment services all in one large complex.

    That takes me to the second option that I am considering joining today, The Sheik Itsana Hotel ( was introduced to me a few days ago by my Thai friends who work out there. Its 1,400/mth. The various rooms are quite small again but cleanliness very good. They have plenty of cardio gear, a reasonably good free weights selection with a view over the pool & bar at the rear which looks over the Mae Ping RIver. The Sauna is open from 14:00 onwards. Its on Chang Klan Rd which essentially is the same road the Night Bazzar is on, but you have to turn on to it and go about 5 kilometres towards Lamphun (i.e. South) – the road winds along the river and eventually you will see what looks like a terracotta Arabs Palace on the left.

  5. gil 31-May-2014 at 12:47 pm #

    at hillside 4 the thai man who runs the place hates forighners , many people have left this place because of him. do not go there!

  6. Cossie 19-Jun-2014 at 23:30 pm #

    New Gym in Chiang Mai, TM MUSCLE GYM, near the Train Station.

    My friends have all gravitated from other gyms to this one, as of June 2014 a YEAR membership is just 7500 baht!

    Ive heard of the crazy prices of other places, including the extremely extravagant prices of Powerhouse, but TM has brilliant prices AND all the big Thai guys in Chiang Mai are going there, its a VERY SERIOUS gym for people who are serious about bodybuilding right down to just staying on top of health and fitness.

    I will be joining this week,. all my friends are already there!

    RE: Fitness Thailand – the maintenance is POOR! For the price its not worth it. Its a boring, run down and kinda gross setup. I did a month there but never again.

    Go with the new places, get the best out of them before they forget to maintain equipment…

    Cheers, Cossie.

  7. Jim 06-Aug-2014 at 21:54 pm #

    Thank you for providing the comprehensive run-down on local gyms with user comments. One question: Do they all have it in their SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) to play deafeningly loud, bone jarring music? Unfortunately, I’ve a real aversion to that.

    • admin 06-Aug-2014 at 22:00 pm #

      Yes, that is certainly a predilection and huge problem. Someone needs to educate Thai people regarding ear damage and decibel levels.

  8. Muzz 10-Aug-2014 at 16:40 pm #

    What about the the one at the Central or Royal hotel, it’s exact name escapes me. Iits in the are of ‘The Pub’ there. Is is the Grand Central??? Can’t seem to remember it. Nice pool though!

  9. Dr. Bush 25-Aug-2014 at 14:09 pm #

    “That” guy that hates foreigners at Hillside 4 (It’s true!) is NOW at Harrison Fitness at Kad Suon Kaew Shopping Centre. He still hates farang!

  10. jml 02-Oct-2014 at 14:59 pm #

    Just tried Kawee Power Zone and can’t recommend it. I set out to do some deadlifts and, half way through my first set, a woman interrupted me and explained that I was putting the bar down too loudly. I was doing the lifts correctly, lowering the bar under control, but not so slowly that it didn’t make a clank when it contacted the floor.

    As anyone who understands anything about the lift would explain, it’s simply not safe to lower the bar slowly, under full tension, when working with heavy weights.

    Waste of time. I walked out of there and won’t be going back.

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