Gau Gai กอ ไก่ – Second Edition

There are both substantive and subtle changes to the Thai Alphabet Cards. For the Thai Consonants, we add the ten numbers (0-9) as ten additional cards, and then on the consonant cards themselves, the significant changes are: - Multiple English Transliteration / Transcription (Haas/AUA, IPA, Paiboon) - Multiple font (typeface) variations (JS Thanaporn, JS Sirium, […]

Tone Graphs for Thai Alphabet Cards

The second edition of the Thai Alphabet Cards is underway, and we've revamped the Tone Graphs, among other elements. Changes in Central Thai Tones over Time There is significant evidence for changes in the standard tones in Central Thai over time. While this is an important aspect of tone, and intermediate learners should become sensitive […]

Fonts with Thai and Roman Characters

Update - see this collection of open source and free Thai fonts, including most of the fonts listed below. One challenge for using Thai script on a computer is that Thai characters are more vertical than roman alphabet characters. If one is mixing roman and Thai characters in a document, the Thai characters tend to […]

Understanding Thai Transcription

INCOMPLETE - WORK IN PROGRESS It is common for those learning Thai to run across transcription of spoken Thai into systems other than the Thai script. At first, one would think that there would be a single correct transcription, for example based on the International Phonetical Association (IPA) that would accurately capture all the sounds […]

Horse Riding in Chiang Mai

There are quite a few venues for riding horses in Chiang Mai, including horse riding courses and trail rides. Laddaland is the main riding club with dozens of horses, but there are many other smaller outfits as well. Chiang Mai Chiang Mai University Veterinary Facility - Website - Facebook Doi Kham Thai Horse Conservation - […]

Speech Perception Research

While Speech Perception Research is a large and dynamic area of study, some recent findings can be summarized in a way that helps us better approach second language learning and teaching. Accent-Independent Ataptation to Foreign Accented Speech Accent-independent adaptation to foreign accented speech indicates that training on a set of foreign accents produces significant gains […]

Thai Languages

Thai languages, or languages in Thailand, are many and diverse. Scholars generally use the term Tai to refer to a larger language family which ranges across much of Mainland Southeast Asia and what is now Southern China. The main point is that there is ongoing research, different ideas, and not full agreement, on how to […]

Thai vs. English Consonants

This is an actively edited page, and will expand into a full book chapter. Comments are welcome. Comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between two languages is an effective tactic for second language learners. Direct cognitive awareness of those differences, while engaging in recognition and production of the differences, is more effective than indirect […]

Free Thai Font Collection

Please see the Thai Font Poster which makes use of the Free Thai Font Collection 108 Free and Open Source Thai Fonts The main goal of this repository is to provide -- in one place a set of freely (and legally) available Thai computer fonts. The collection of fonts show the diversity of Thai typefaces. […]

Fonts Copyright Patent Trademark

Intellectual property protections for typefaces and fonts are questionable at best, though there are a few areas in which protections do hold, including Copyright, Design Rights (and Patents), and Trademark.1 Font Licensing and Protection Details - SIL Copyright Originally in the US and other jurisdictions, the idea of a typefaces is one which is pure […]

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